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Teacher Enhancement Programme


Why Teachers' Enhancement Programme?

Teachers are an important component of education whose services are indispensable in the realization of educational goals  all over the world. Due to their central role in the enterprise of education, teachers at all levels require effective and sufficient education to be able to adequately carry out their roles and responsibilities. 

Teachers’ education is an important component in the educational system. It is influenced by social, economic, political and technological developments in a society. It is in this view that the e-msingi project aims to ensure that teachers receive the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver to their students in the long run contributing to the growth of the economy.

“Teachers: Shaping Minds, Inspiring Futures.”

Teacher Enhancement Strategy

Overall goal

The Teacher Enhancement Programme’s overall goal is to give teachers back their sense of professional identity. To remind them of their role as nation builders. Teachers are central to the learning process. They are highly influential in both the quality of education that students receive at school and eventually their learning outcomes. 

Learning Outcomes for the Teachers

  • To give the Kenyan teacher the requisite human training to make them effective contributors to the moral fibre of the nation.
  • To give those already experienced in the field grounding in educational leadership and management skills and to empower them to meet the challenges of change in education.
  • To prepare participants for positions of leadership and management with an ethical foundation.

Teacher Enhancement Programme Pillars

Innovative Teaching Methods

How to deal with the Social Cultural issues in the 21st Century

Empowering Teachers with Leadership and Strategic Management Skills

Upcoming Events

TEP Newsroom

TEP Triumph: Navigating the Wave of Change in Education

In the face of today’s fast changing education, where technology is transforming the way we learn, the first cohort of the Teachers Enhancement Program (TEP) deserves a round of applause. This group of educators have not only embraced the winds of change but have ridden the wave, making learning an adventure for both teachers and students. Education has changed from long textbook explanations of photosynthesis to 15 second Tik Tok explanation videos of the same concept with a more engaging and interactive angle thus forcing teachers to adopt new ways to engage students.

e-Msingi Graduation Cohort 2

PhET Simulation Course

Active Learning in STEM with PhET Interactive Simulations Specialization

This specialization is a 60-hour professional development opportunity, hosted on Coursera, to learn about PhET Interactive Simulations’ free resources and pedagogies to teach mathematics and science. The facilitated workshop is helpful both to those who have used PhET for some time as well as to those who have never used PhET simulations before. During the specialization, participants get the chance to connect with the PhET team, share their experiences with other participants, and earn a digital certificate from PhET certifying professional development hours.

PhET’s virtual laboratory resources can support teachers, particularly in cases where teachers and students have limited physical laboratory equipment or manipulatives. Additionally, PhET’s simple pedagogies can support teachers to effectively engage large classes and promote student-centered, active learning. When used with inquiry approaches, PhET simulations have been demonstrated to increase student conceptual understanding, engagement, and interest in math and science (see Banda & Nzabahimana for a global literature review).

TEP Footprint

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