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Welcome to E-Msingi

Empowering education transformation through digital platforms and community collaboration for improved student outcomes.

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Familia Mtaani Podcast.

Raising a teenager can be challenging even with the best discipline strategies. When tensions become overwhelming, or issues arise beyond your control. In this Episode, Cosmas Kimanzi takes us through how he guides his four children in balancing study in school and leisure or free time.

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Celebrating Excellence: eMsingi Graduation

Teachers are an important component of education whose services are indispensable in the realization of educational goals all over the world. Due to their central role in the enterprise of education, teachers at all levels require effective and sufficient education to be able to adequately carry out their roles and responsibilities...

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Our Footprint

34 counties across Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda

500+ Teachers Enrolled

15000+ Students Impacted

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About e-Msingi

e-Msingi initiative aspires to broaden the horizons of education through digital platforms and physical learning centres. Our mission is to re-engage informal schools and communities, ensuring every child has the opportunity to thrive.

Explore. Engage. Empower.

Our Vision

To create a sustainable model of education that empowers teachers, students, and communities
through access to quality learning materials and support, fostering a future where no child is left

Project Pillars

Student-Subject Content

At the heart of E-Msingi is our commitment to challenge-based education and eLearning platforms. We provide STEM and language challenges for grades 7-12, aiming to boost mastery and enthusiasm among students. With support from the University of Colorado Boulder-PhET, we offer rich educational challenges and simulations, making learning accessible and engaging for all.

Teacher Engagement

We offer comprehensive online courses in pedagogy, education management, and ICT skills for teachers. Our program promotes a community of educators who learn not only from our content but also from each other, enhancing the quality of education delivered in classrooms.

Parental Engagement

E-Msingi supports active parental involvement through customized content, e-adverts, podcasts, and case studies. Our resources are tailored to meet the diverse needs of families across educational levels, encouraging a collaborative approach to education.

LIfe Skills

This pillar focuses on instilling essential life skills and psycho-social support. Through case studies and podcasts, we address students' challenges, promoting resilience, ethical reasoning, creativity, critical thinking, and time-management.

Guidance and Counselling

Complementing our value-based education, this pillar aids Guidance and Counselling departments in addressing emotional and social challenges faced by students. Our aim is to equip teachers with the tools necessary to support students' well-being effectively.

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