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Value Based Education


What is Value-Based Education?

Education is the process of facilitating learning and the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits.

Value based education (VBE) aims at instilling qualities among students that culminate in holistic development of character in preparation for handling life challenges, growth and survival.

Objectives of Value-Based Education

To demonstrate curriculum reforms vision with respect to developing ethical citizens.

To accept diversity in people. To convince learners to be able to build meaningful relationships.

To demonstrate aspects of love, caring, respect, empathy etc. among learners

To prepare learners in appreciating efforts and sacrifice that build the country.

To prepare learners to be stewards of change in matters of environmental conservation, climate change challenges etc.

To develop learners ability to be able to identify and solve needs of the community.

To recommend to learners the need to harmonize and develop as an all rounded person in aspects of sports, talents acquisition etc.

Why Value-Based Education ?

A study done by Regional Education Learning Initiative in Kenya showed that only five percent of our adolescents aged 13-17 years demonstrated the highest proficiency level in problem-solving skills. In other words, if you have a class with 20 children and a problem arises only one of them has the capacity to get out of the problem or even support others in finding a solution.

The findings are shocking and a wake up call for all of us to act. It is therefore not surprising that university graduates find it hard to get a job, while on the other hand employers say they cannot find employees with the right skill set for employment.

There have been many challenges that require reforms to sustain the ever-increasing demand, improve quality and produce students who can handle political, social, economic and environmental challenges. Value Based Education is one of the solutions to the challenges faced in the education system.

VBE plays a significant role in dealing with new and emerging challenges. These challenges include economic, social and environmental issues.

The Framework for Action on Values Education in Early Childhood shows the need for integrating values in early childhood programs.

The Implementation of the Competency Based Curriculum ( CBC) was to enable the learner to explore talents, interests and abilities. A shift from content-focused curriculum to a focus on nurturing every learners potential.

Pillars of VBE

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Character Development

Value-Based Education teaches one how to analyze the situation and find a solution to the problem in the right way.

Skill Development

Emotional, social, and communication skills are important if you want to convey your message to the world.

Health Education

Being fit mentally with the help of meditation breathing exercises and more important is the long run.

Personality Development

It helps the students realize their passion and pushes them to follow their goals.

Environmental Education

Value-Based Education enables students to explore such issues and takes essential measures to stop them.

Measurement & Evaluation

Grade 7 to 12 VBE Survey

Dear Student,

Please fill out the survey for your grade. It is important!

Share your thoughts so we can understand how value-based learning is helping you.

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this important initiative.

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